Pruning: Arborvitae / Thuja WINTER PREP question

Discussion in 'Gymnosperms (incl. Conifers)' started by TownMouse, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Planted a few dozen of these @4 years ago. They are intended to become a 10-foot privacy screen. Finally, they are reaching a size worth the investment.

    Each autumn I have tied them with that green, stretch-plastic garden-string stuff (about 5 times around, each encirclement spaced about 1 foot apart), with a small stick tied to the tender top inches for support.

    Last year we had record snow and some of my thuja branches were damaged.

    My question: Would wrapping each thuja with bird netting damage them? Would that trap too much snow, prevent air circulation and cause more damage?

    I envision something along the lines of that netting they pull over commerical Christmas tress for transport on top of vehicle. Heck, you start the business to do that and I'll be your first customer!

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