Araucaria angustifolia: Panana Pine

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    a few facts:

    1 - actually, there is a link between the words Paraná and Piranha: both are of indigenous Tupi-Guarani roots.

    2 - Piranha has two probable etimologies: pirá ("fish") and anha ("teeth"), meaning "fish with teeth"; or pira ("skin") and raim ("that which cuts"), meaning "skin cutter"

    3 - Paraná is the name of a big brazilian river AND a state in southern Brazil. Although the tree is common in the highlands of the three southernmost brazilian states, it was even more common in Paraná state, and it´s the symbol of the state, thus, the name.

    4 - the tree should survive cold temperatures, which are common in the highlands (not that high... from 500m to 1500m above sea level) of southern Brazil.

    some photos of Paraná Pines and snow in southern Brazil


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