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    I am trying to find out for sure the botanical name(s) of the types of "Giant Reed" used in Madhif construction by the Madan people of the Arab Marshes in Iraq and Kuwait.

    I'm pretty sure that the large one is the Arundo dondax species, and some smaller reeds are from one of the Phragmitis species.

    "For centuries, Marsh Arabs of Iraq have constructed their houses entirely from bamboo-like grasses called reeds, including Phragmites australis and Arundo donax."
    Quote from:

    Arundo donax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Phragmites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And what is a Madhif, Mudhif, or Madheef? (Different pronunciations... )
    These are the large guest houses built from Giant Reeds, and sometimes bamboo if it's available, , by the Madan/ Marsh Arab people in that area.

    Mudhif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Mudhif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Here's one video about building mudhifs: there are others... :-)

    These have been built for more than 5,000 years in that region, since before the Sumerian days, (it was already a very mature technology way back then, so it must be a much older method of building.)

    Some sources indicate they also rarely used papyrus reeds, but those sources might be wrong....

    I just volunteered for a project that requires I have as close to 100% certainty as to the ID of this plant or plants as I can get.

    Thanks in advance to any and all who reply or comment.


    Chris Green.

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