aquaponics in Vancouver: sustainable growth and biodiversity

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    Hello fellow botanist:

    I was wondering what your guys and gals opinions are on with aquaponics and its ability to sustainably grow plants? There is a fellow, David Sayson, who appears to be holding a workshop in Vancouver and I think it might be an interesting experience. What do you think? Full image in attachment.

    Learn, Sustain, Grow
    Hands-on Workshop

    This one day workshop includes a morning of instruction and an afternoon of hands on construction of a backyard system. Topics include:
    • System Design: best practices and optimal ratios
    • System Cycling: starting up a new system without stressing your fish
    • Maintaining your system: day to day operation including water quality testing, pH management, oxygen and other parameters
    • Plants: from seeding to harvest, troubleshooting, nutrients
    • Fish: how to maintain healthy happy fish; good husbandry practices
    • Construction: hands on build of a hybrid backyard system that includes media and raft growing area.

    Date: May 24, 2014 (Saturday)
    Price: $195
    Venue: Unit 105 - 418 East Kent Ave South, Vancouver, BC
    Contact:[/email] for more information.

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    Our mailing address is:
    Unit 105 - 418 East Kent Ave South
    Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7

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