April 2022 in the garden

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    I am so late linking to Douglas Justice's April in the Garden 2022 - UBC Botanical Garden blog that a lot of what he wrote about, which were cherry and magnolia flowers, have finished now. There are tons of photos in the blog, though. And I posted the cherries that have flowers now at Ornamental Cherries at UBCBG 2022 | UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

    The magnolias have had their day. Here is a later one that had flowers two days ago: Magnolia sprengeri 'Diva'.
    Magnolia-sprengeriDiva_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_125826.jpg Magnolia-sprengeriDiva_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_125746.jpg Magnolia-sprengeriDiva_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_125801.jpg Magnolia-sprengeriDiva_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_141117.jpg

    At least I'm not too late for the eucalypts.
    Here is Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. niphophila.
    Eucalyptus-pauciflora-subsp-niphophila_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_134316.jpg Eucalyptus-pauciflora-subsp-niphophila_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_134357.jpg
    And Eucalyptus perriniana.

    On the path in front of the E. perriniana is Sophora prostrata. I never seem to notice this when it's covered in leaves, which presumably does happen.
    Sophora-prostrata_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_134452.jpg Sophora-prostrata_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_134518.jpg Sophora-prostrata_UBCBG_Cutler_20220423_134529.jpg

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