anything help speed up composting of leaves and branches?

Discussion in 'Soils, Fertilizers and Composting' started by strider3700, Jun 19, 2005.

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    I bought a 20kg bag of granular Urea for my compost box. How much do I have to sprinkle on the compost and how often?
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    Oh dear Wolfgang,
    Your question is like asking how long is a piece of string.
    what is the volume of the box (measure length x width x depth)
    What is currently in the box and the relative proportions of the various materials?
    are the materials semi composted already?
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    I am amazed at the length of some of the answers here, you guys are great.

    Where I work, and at home we use several straw bale 'compost bin' mostly to help the heat factor. We also layer material in, then start to mix it all up as it breaks down. I've never tried adding store bought products to the pile, I also have never needed to. As we have several at each location, we have the option to let them sit for a full year while we use another. We add water and cover the tops. We have on cold snowy days seen steam coming out from inside the piles. The worms love it. Probably think its a hotel. We got the idea for our 'bins' from Helen Nearing, and then in one of Elliot Colemans books.
    Inside our school we use worm bins, the kids use leaves for bedding. It seems to break down quite quickly. Its warm moist, and loads of worms (red wigglers only).
    Carol Ja
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    I just have to comment on this as I was thinking at the beginning of this thread was to ask the neighbors for their grass clippings.

    It is a contest on GW composting thread to see how much free composting materials one can get and to actually have it delivered is even better. So finding bagged grass clippings is awesome!

    I have asked neighbors for their bagged leaves and pretty soon they were getting the idea and were keeping their grass clippings and leaves. LOL Rats!

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