Alpine Garden: Anemonopsis macrophylla

Discussion in 'Photographs' started by Daniel Mosquin, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Photo by Daniel Mosquin
    July 14, 2004
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  2. i garden in minneapolis (zone4) and have two anemonopsis plants. the first one was purchased from heronswood and the newest one purchased this may from a nursery in n.y. they are planted in a very shady spot with dappled sun. last year the plant from heronswood not only survived the winter, but it had several blossoms...i was thrilled. this year the plant is thriving, but no blooms. the new plant had three buds when purchased. the first one bloomed is so beautiful! why did my original plant not flower? i suppose it is possible that the deer we saw early in the season chomped the emerging buds...or perhaps it was that pesky rabbit that is working on all my favorite plants, but i don't remember seeing any buds on the plant this year. does anyone have any experience with this plant?

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