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    What would cause a split like that? This tree is probably 20 ft tall and wide. It was planted a week ago by the same company that planted the cherry with the rotting trunk so I'm suspicious of them to begin with. What's the likelihood this maple will survive let alone thrive? Sorry for the cell phone pics.

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    Ooh, Marci! This poor tree and the equally sad cherry do not look good to me. Photo #1 looks like an old wound---#4 looks more recent. I hope that this nursery provides a guarantee: I know that my nearby one gives a 3-year one for trees that they come and plant for you. If these people give you the runaround (which, if they sell trees of this ill nature, is more than likely) request the name and number of the corporate president---and give the Better Business Bureau a ring. Maybe the local TV station: I'm sure that you have a similar segment on your local news to our "Six On Your Side" etc., where the reporter investigates complaints on camera. Amazing how this technique produces results!

    I know that trees of this size are not cheap: I am irked on your behalf! Not only are you out a bunch of bucks, but you are disappointed. Equally bad is this place's lack of pride in their work, and probably the WORST is their abuse of the trees in their care. How unprofessional and reprehensible!!! In addition, whatever these trees have got may have spread to others at this place, and there may well be other unsuspecting folks having sick trees put in their yards.

    Let us know if and when you get any satisfaction. At the very least they should replace the trees with HEALTHY ones.

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