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Discussion in 'Cacti and Succulents' started by doodlerjtg, Dec 27, 2006.

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    I actually found this place looking for information on a Norfolk Pine I picked up on the cheap, but was hooked by all this wonderful information I found on all the boards.

    My sedum question, this summer I bought one Autumn Joy Sedum having never grown a succulent before I wasn't sure what to expect, nor did I know if it would even like the microclimates around the house, so I just put in a really big pot. It filled it very quickly and aggressivly filled it. I am delighted by all the beautidul flower heads and their progession of colors, not so much with the bees it attracts.

    I was so impressed with how well it did, you can imagine my delight when I discovered it is perennial and I can cultivate the "flowerettes" in the spring from the new growth.

    On most maps I show to be in Zone 8b (DFW Metroplex) but just a few miles north is Zone 7 and literally a few blocks over is Zone 8a. We've had a warmer than usual season thus far with a few cold snaps. The worst of out winter is really still to come (usually early Feb). I was outside yesterday wrapping my hydrangea to protect the new growth triggered by a rather warm (high 70's) week (relatively speakin) just recently. I was floored when I trimmed the rest of my sedum in it's pot just a few feet away when I started trying to brush away what I thought was mold in the dirt. Only then did I discover I was seeing the tops of the new "flowerettes", at least a dozen and a half that I counted! So I'm concerned about the new growth, should I be? Should I protect it, do I need to wrap it, bring it, hide it from the cat?

    Despite being a wonderful plant that seems to be suited for this area , I don't see a lot of them in landscapes (I guess maybe because it has a decidely desert/southwest look instead of cultivated city) so I can't really get a good feel for how to accomodate this rather rambunctious little thing. Any help and guidance would be greaty appreciated.
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    Should be no problem whatsoever. No need for winter protection in your part of the world.

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