Appreciation: Ammi visnaga 'Green Mist'

Discussion in 'How's It Growing?' started by wcutler, Sep 8, 2020.

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    I like this Apiaceae family plant so much, it's getting its own thread. I would never never never had got the name, but fortunately gardener Frankie was there and told me Ammi 'Green Mist', which I was sure I had never heard of. I see that the species name would be A. visnaga. Well, I have already loved this and managed to forget it - I posted this species from UBCBG five years ago at July in the garden, and I like my photos there a lot - it's planted on its own, not mixed into such a great planting as seen here. Presumably the one in the Physick Garden is not the cultivar.
    Ammi-visnagaGreenMist_StanleyPark-RoseGarden_Cutler_20200908_134210.jpg Ammi-visnagaGreenMist_StanleyPark-RoseGarden_Cutler_20200908_134241.jpg Ammi-visnagaGreenMist_StanleyPark-RoseGarden_Cutler_20200908_134412.jpg Ammi-visnagaGreenMist_StanleyPark-RoseGarden_Cutler_20200908_134440.jpg Ammi-visnagaGreenMist_StanleyPark-RoseGarden_Cutler_20200908_134502.jpg
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    What a beauty to have in the mixed herbaceous border. Definatly deserved a thread of it's own !! Perfect name as well.

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