allium bulb problems

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    I planted alliums for the first time last fall. They have sprouted and are about to bloom some nice looking flowers. What I am wondering is... the leaves are brown and dry on the tips and now the leaves are slightly turning yellowish.

    Is this some kind of soil issue? Do I need to add something?

    Any advice would be great.
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    My allium are doing the same thing.

    I propose two possibilities--cold or dry.

    Last year I thought my tulips were diseased, but when I had the twisted, brown foliage looked at, "cold and hail" was the diagnosis.

    Also, though it's been chilly this spring, we've had some long dry stretches, so if you haven't watered at all, they could have dried out a bit.

    These are both just guesses. I'll ask around at my garden club.

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