Aesculus parviflora (Bottlebrush Buckeye)

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Treelover, May 7, 2008.

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    I have had an Aesculus parviflora growing in my yard for more than ten years on the north side of the yard. It does everything it is supposed to do (nice leaves, big flowers and then seeds, but it does not grow taller. It is has only reached 3 feet tall and is about 4-1/2ft. wide after all these years.

    It gets bright light in the morning, then about 2 hours of sun fully across it in the early afternoon, then light shade the for the rest of the day. There is no root competition from major trees. The soil is sandy and I have amended it last year with composted pine needle soil conditioner with the hopes that it would make a difference.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this lovely plant has not reached it's fulll height potential? I was really hoping it would be eight feet tall by now.
    Thanks for any suggestions/opinions.
    - Treelover

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