Adopting (stealing?) plants

Discussion in 'Plants: In the News' started by Georgia Strait, Apr 18, 2021.

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    I cannot imagine there are stealth gardeners out there - and esp a hydrangea which is highly available & affordable at any big box -

    Japanese maples obviously can add up to a significant price (ahem!)

    Yes i have snipped a couple of short bits off a mall shrub or city park

    I have never dug-up, adopted or stolen an entire plant

    I thought this is a great sign in article attached

    Kind of like people who pretend they’re so involved in their texts while Rover goes on the sidewalk along someone else’s front yard (I realize pets need to bathroom too)

    Vancouver gardener leaves wholesome note for hydrangea thief - BC News
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    Now that's a very passionate grower, to advise the thief how to look after his prized Hydrangea.
    Sadly I have seen many plant and garden ornament thefts in my time. But the theft of people's pet dogs that is going on in the UK atm, just shows how callous these perpetrators are. So a plant means nothing to them other than a quick buck/ pound etc etc.
    But these people will not steal the plants if they dont have an outlet, so the moral is, 'Don't buy a plant that does not have provenance, or is ridiculously cheap'. Look for a reputable grower and seller.
    That's enough of me going on. Sorry!!!
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    There are millions of junkies in western nations making anything that could possibly be sold a target. So that down here a Wal-Mart located in a notorious drug alley part of the hosting municipality has the outdoor part of its garden center enclosed in a high fence with razor wire at the top - just like in a federal prison.

    I don't think it is coincidental that the only Wal-Mart store I personally have noticed taking this extra step is located where it is.

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