Acer Seeds, How and when to plant?

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  1. Earlier this year due to an extension I had to move a rather old and beautiful Acer , whan I replanted I also thinned out the branches to give it the best chance of survival. The plant seemed to do well this year but I must have stressed it somewhat as the Acer then produced seeds. I left the seeds on the tree as long as I could, but they have started to fall so I have collected them.
    Living in N Ireland I would be greatful if someone could advise when I should plant the seeds, how to store them, what soil etc to have the best chances to grow new trees?

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    What species?
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    Hi Marty
    I also live in Northern Ireland
    I collect my seed as late as possible. I then store it in damp (not wet) peat based compost in the bottom of the refridgerator until springtime, when I sow it out in seed trays in a light well drained medium
    I have had reasonable success
    Have you read Vertrees book on the subject?
  4. HI Sam

    Thanks for the information, I had been told differently to this so this is appreciated. I will go look up the book you refered to now.

    Thanks again

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