Acer rubrum 'Armstrong'

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    Is this too nice or what? The Vancouver Parks Board one year decided to label the Red Maples it planted on Denman Street.

    It surprises me that they thought all that concrete over the roots would be a good thing (and there are lots of good-looking trees on the block that are older, without labels, and no really good-looking ones with labels), but I would have had no idea what these trees were supposed to be if it were not for these labels. But then, I wonder about the two trees on the right in this photo, both labelled "Armstrong Red Maple". Those trees just don't look the same to me, either in tree shape or leaf shape. Could they both be 'Armstrong'? There were also 'Autumn Blaze' planted at the same time with labels, but their leaves didn't look like the ones on the second tree.

    Middle tree - label above was from this tree
    20111023_DenmanHaro_RedArmstrong_Cutler_P1160556.jpg 20111023_DenmanHaro_RedArmstrongTree1_Cutler_P1160550.jpg

    Tree on the right above
    20111023_DenmanHaro_RedArmstrong_Cutler_P1160557.jpg 20111023_DenmanHaro_RedArmstrongTree2_Cutler_P1160554.jpg
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    thank You very interesting!

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