Acer palmatum x A. pseudosieboldianum 'North Wind'

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    Zone 5b, along Lake Michigan in WI
    Another autumn, another show-stopping display from North Wind. I'm so happy with this tree. It's healthy, has great form, and shows incredible color even in a location that is mostly shaded.

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    Acer 'IslNW' is the cultivar name; sold under the trade mark name North Wind® registered 4/30/2013. This maple is part of their Jack Frost® collection.

    "Jack Frost® maples are an exciting new line of small to medium-sized landscape trees from Iseli Nursery. Hybridized over the last 20+ years using Acer pseudosieboldianum as the foundation for hardiness combined with the beauty in leaf and branching of Acer palmatum, they have been evaluated and selected to tolerate the dramatic weather shifts in the upper Midwest of North America. Jack Frost® maples bring a new level of durability to a popular group of landscape trees."

    Acer 'IsIAJ' registered 2/19/2013 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum Arctic Jade® | Iseli Nursery

    Acer 'IslID' registered 4/4/2017 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum Ice Dragon™ | Iseli Nursery

    Acer 'IslNW' registered 4/30/2013 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum North Wind® | Iseli Nursery

    Jack Frost® Collection | Iseli Nursery

    All 3 maples are listed on their website under Acer x pseudosieboldianum (Hybrid Maple) along with:
    Acer 'IsIAvl' registered 9/17/2013 as:
    Acer x pseudosieboldianum Avalanche® | Iseli Nursery
    (Note: Avalanche is part of their Pacific Rim Collection)
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    at Bickelhaupt Arboretum Clinton IA May 2023
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