Acer palmatum 'Kawaii'

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    Thanks for the information. David was a young musician who also loved JMs - more than that he was hooked like many of us are. Trying to get a new cultivar as soon as we hear about it. He was young, 15, I think and he lived with his mother in Louisiana. Father and Mother divorced. Last I remember - David was going to a violin camp outside of Louisiana. Sam
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    From France i more appreciate all yours observations.
    I have not Acer palmatum kawaii to grow; all i know is how japanese people use the word 'kawai' for pets , babys and dolls.
    It's something more than charming or nice, with lovely too pretty you approch , but you must join daintly and tiny . For a dressmaker's assistant it's a style.
    A japanese girl friend of mine said : "In french, the best traduction is 'mignon'."

    Enjoy momiji.

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