Acer palmatum 'Glowing Embers'

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    There are two trees by the name of 'Glowing Embers'. I believe there was the red 'Glowing Embers' that is found in Vertrees. Then Michael Dirr's creation of a hardy heat tolerant maple with good red fall color resulted in the second maple named 'Glowing Embers'.

    On the left is the red form. On the right is Dirr's green form.
    Photos were taken on July 31, 2010 so the red is not showing it's best form.

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    Hi there. Unsure if anyone is still reading this old thread but I would like to know if the red variety of glowing embers is as heat tolerant as the green variety? I recently bought a small glowing embers believing that there is only 1 variety ie the green one that I have been reading about.

    The leaves just sprouted and are all bright red! Looks lovely but I plan to place in a windy, south facing location (in London UK) in a container and am unsure if it will take the heat well. I currently have a potted kamagata in the same location which never shows any tip burns even by the end of summer and wanted a larger companion plant at the same spot. Thoughts anyone?

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