Acer palmatum 'Emery's Dwarf'

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    I think I may be the only person in North America with this cultivar. It is a seedling from Filigree - you can see the parentage in the leaves - and was discovered by John Emery of Australia. (You can find a brief mention of it on page 352 of Vertrees' fourth edition.) Since pictures can be deceiving, to put this in perspective, the tree is in a 8" clay azalea pot and leaves are smaller than a dime, and it is two years old.

    I am hoping to keep it alive through our harsh summers, and plan to treat it like Filigree, ie kept mostly in shade. I am hopeful that it grows enough to take some scion wood from it come early spring next year, but we'll have to see - appears to be a very slow grower.

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