Acer palmatum 'Buyer Beware'

Discussion in 'Maples' started by amazingmaples, Jun 13, 2010.

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    It's now been several years since this thread began. I would love to hear what folks have discovered since then. Which trees are growing well for you? Which ones are not?

    Kevin in KC
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    Bordeaux sous-west of France
    Here in South-Ouest of France zone 8b growing Mapples is not easy; the main problem is hot long summer, when températures reach over 30° 35° 37° centigrade and hot winds from south burn leaves in september.
    Small young spécimens are not hot résistant at all, but 71 years old i am ! and dédicating much time patiently... so my trees getting a little bit old, they are becomming more easy to grow. Prudently i don't try too sophisticated cultivars but i have recently given up for a five years old mikawa yatsubusa, located 500 Km from my house...

    My best :arakawa , kamagata , seyryu , ozakazuki . Then tropenburg red and atropurpureum from seed . No problem ,they are safe and they keep their leaves until end november .
    I have also 7 'hiroha momiji' from seeds collected in Japan 5 years ago, they are easy and becoming great . Have a look .
    Sorry for my scolar english , i enjoy so much reading you .

    I FORGOT BEWARE / sango kaku (pseudomona s). ueno yama in ground (alterneria on woods after winter freeze). koto hime in pot (blackening bark).
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    to the most part the main trees i listed still are what i call "death in a pot"

    New trees with some issues Ap "Bihou" it has died on several customers. Ap "Squitty" & "Abigale Rose" have been issues

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