Acer palmatum 'Black Lightning'

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    Acer palmatum 'Black Lightning' (Spring color May 8th)
    All branches arch downward with age. Mid section new growth is almost horizontal and instead of lifting upward as the growth hardens off (like most upright maples) the young growth arches downward as it hardens off. Top 1/3 grows upright so it does not require any support. Bottom 1/3 has downward arching branches that will touch the ground if not pruned as all branch tips piont straight down to the ground by Summer. Very narrow form as a result. No information exist on this cultivar. The tree in the photo is 25 years old. Only one other found at Maple Ridge Nursery in Perry Ohio which is where the tree in the photo was sourced from. Tree in photo is 12' tall and 3' to 4' wide bottom 1/2 and closer to 6' wide towards the top. Summer color is much darker with an almost black appearance. I can only guess that the name comes from its deep and dark Summer color with branches that streak/ strike downward like lightning. New stems (branches) are very dark in color (look closely in photo 2) and leaves match that color by Summer. Fall color is bright red.

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