Acer palmatum 'Akebono'

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    I promised to make a thread about this cultivar, and I'm here trying to keep my word.
    Sadly, I don't have too much to say, for now at least. I bought a specimen from Guy Maillot at the end of January, so I'm still experimenting with him.
    Two things he doesn't seem to like: full sun and chilly winds. The upper branches, more exposed to sun, already had scorched leaves by the end of March, and the cold wave at the beginning of April didn't help at all.
    Nonetheless, I think it's a pretty enough cultivar. I'm going to update this thread in the coming months, with photos and observations.

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    I haven't seen this one in the flesh, so to speak Lorenzo, so it is a real treat to see it here. Very pretty colours with the yellows and oranges.
    Regarding the full sun and chilly winds, 'do any really like this '!!?
    It has been a very difficult Spring for all of us this year, let's just hope these next few weeks see the trees pick up.
    I will be following this thread Lorenzo with a lot of interest.
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