Acer negundo ssp. negundo

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    Acer negundo ssp. negundo – (male) private garden, southern Idaho, July 2006.
    Series Negundo is one of two in Section Negundo, which also includes the Series Cissifolia. “Leaves: 3-7 foliate, sometimes 9-foliate, leaves ovate, 5-10 cm long and 3-5 cm wide, olive-green to fresh-green; margins remotely dentate to subentire; outer leaflet often 3-lobed; petioles 6-10 cm long. … Bark and buds: Greenish olive to bluish when young.” Van Gelderen, Maples of the World (Timber Press 1994). The resemblance of the leaves here to those of both A. cissifolium ssp. cissifolium and A. cissifolium ssp. henryi is evident; the leaflets of this species are smaller.

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