Acer laurinum

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    Acer laurinum Hasskarl (1843) is one of the two members of section Hyptiocarpa, along with A. garretti Craib (1920). It's range is Southeast Asia including upper Burma, North Vietnam, Hainan Province, and "the islands of Java and Sumatra, Philippines, small Sunda islands to Flores" (MOW) where it grows in upland forests from 1000 to 2000m.

    Of the 2 individuals shown here, both from seed ex Burma, neither had large root mass and the wide-leaved plant died suddenly in February 2016. It didn't freeze but simply stopped taking up moisture and dried out. The narrower leaved plant is still alive although it suffered some bacterial damage this cold spring. The pictures of the flowers and samaras are from 1 October 2016. I haven't yet checked if any are fertile.

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