Acer japonicum 'Green Cascade'

Discussion in 'Maples' started by JapaneseMapleMan, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Will Acer Japonicum "Green Cascade" thrive in the Full Sun of the Southern U.S.?

    I'm ready to purchase one (significant $, IMO), and I want to hear from the experts before making the investment.

    Thanks in advance !
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    Well I will provide you with what little I can. I just received Green Cascade this winter so I have not had the chance to grow it. We have a pretty hot dry climate here in southern, Oregon with very low humidity.

    My only comparison for you will be that my Aconitifolium will burn some if waterings are missed and it does get a little wind burn from time to time. I have it potted and it is still relatively small. There is a larger Aconitifolium planted at a local nursery in full sun and doen't seem to suffer much. With Green Cascade having a finer more dissected leaf there may be some issues especially when the tree is young.

    I will say that my other Japonicums with full leaves, O'taki and Vitafolium do much better in comparison, but still dry just a little around the edges in full sun. I wish I could provide you more certain information. Are you buying it from someone close to you that could give you any insight?

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    Yes, it should. If given adequate care and a chance to establish. 'Green Cascade' is the first Acer japonicum that I grafted, mainly because there is one situated locally, here in the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama. It is in a small bed in front of a bank's ATM. It gets a western, south/western exposure and the only shade that it gets is when someone pulls up and parks their vehicle in front of it to make a withdrawal. The way things have been going I'll bet that those occasions have become less common. The bank is situated on the east side of a five lane highway therefore it does not receive any shade all afternoon, until almost sunset. I don't think it receives any special care. About the only attention it gets is when a customer brushes against it or when I come by with my pruners. It is one tough maple. I don't know if it receives any irrigation but I think not. Perhaps when installed it was under irrigation but I see no evidence of it now. With the right soil, good air circulation and a period of initial irrigation, I am confident that 'Green Cascade' will do well in full sun. Here are a couple of pics of this tree made a couple of winters ago. Notice the shadow. The maple is about 5' tall and looks good in leaf, little or no sunburn. Also attached is an image of a three gallon plant that I produced using wood from this maple.

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