Acer campestre

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    Britain zone 8/9
    Field Maple Acer campestre

    Bit surprised to see there was no thread yet for the typical species, so here's some pics.

    1, 2, 3: flowering shoots, 28 April.
    4: fruiting shoots, 16 August.

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    ROME Italy zone9/b
    very nice !!i have one! is very common in my country,like life pole for vitex (la vite maritata con il, loppio=acer campestre)Stradivari use the maple wood for one part of violino,the rich yellow of autumn leaves are wonderful with jm Fire glow...
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    I thought I made a great discovery of these eight Acer campestre on the west side of Hillcrest Park across from Nat Bailey Stadium on Ontario at 33rd, but I see that Gerald Straley included this location in his Trees of Vancouver (UBC Press, 1992). Only this tree still has all its leaves (3rd photo is from a different individual, though).
    20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1115.jpg 20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1119.jpg 20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1127.jpg 20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1134.jpg

    The shapes of these seem quite different. The three tallest trees are A. campestre in the first photo below. The one on the left is quite rounded, then a tall and narrow one, then in the other photos, two that seem to want to be a bit of both shapes.
    20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1135.jpg 20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1137.jpg 20111105_Ontario33rd_AcerCampestre_Cutler_IMAG1139.jpg

    The lichens (?) seem to have taken a liking to all of them.

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