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    We are currently in the development/planning stage of our Acadian Forest Learning Centre and tree nursery. The project is part of a large, multi faceted education project that our organization, Community Forests International is developing in New Brunswick and Tanzania. The organization is a federally incorporated not-for-profit based in Canada.

    The idea is to provide an off the grid centre in New Brunswick where school children can come and learn about (and grow) a wide variety of Acadian forest species. These seedlings will then be planted on school grounds and in the local community. The nursary will be located very near a local middle school. Simultaneously the children will be connected to children in Tanzania via a private web portal (kind of like facebook). THese children will also be growing their own trees on site (in more simple, open air nurseries). The students will then be engaged directly in the global nature of propagating seedlings and planting trees, while simultaneously sharing their different experiences and unique challenges (climate, culture etc..)

    My question are regarding the watering/spray system in our New Brunswick centre. The centre will be a passive solar structure with glazing along the entire south facing side as well as some of the east and west. this is where the seedlings will be. The south wall is 40 feet long and the bankers/tables will not extend much more than 5 feet in width. the rest is classroom space, bathrooms and a small cold storage room for stratification/storage. We are planning on using a Netafim system (overhead) however, I have a few questions concerning watering regimens:

    1. What king of pump would you recommend? We want it to be DC so it can run from our solar array. I don't think it will have to create much pressure(?).

    2. We will be growing many different types of tree species, do you know what species prefer mist vs. a heavier spray, and were I can begin to research what kind of watering cycles work best with certain species?

    Any other related comments are welcome.

    Thank you for your time,

    Zach Melanson
    Communications Director
    community Forests International

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