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    This forum is intended for scouts, participants and attendees of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival to make timely reports on ornamental cherry tree locations, particularly when they're in bloom, so that others may know when and where to see the blossoms, and so that we can add to the data on our inventory of trees (= the festival map).

    For those new to the forums: How to Register, and How to Attach Photos.

    To post to this forum, find your neighborhood's thread and click reply on the last note. Or if you want to reply to an earlier note, click Quote and delete all the quoted text except for the specific point you're replying to (keep the tags that are in [ ] brackets).

    If you're posting from outside Vancouver but in the vicinity, and there is not already a thread for your area (check on both pages), you may start a new thread, in which case, see How to Post.
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    I select from photos posted of festival favourite locations, the great photo-ops, for the Blooming Now - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival page. I feature blossom photos I like, whether or not they are from festival favourite locations, at the top of that page. All photos used from here on the festival pages are named with the date, location, cultivar and photographer's name.

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