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  1. I have a few house plants 3 with the problem. 1 is and egg plant. Not actually a real egg plant. It is a type of novelty houseplant that grows small guards that look like eggs. I am not sure of the scientififc name. I also have a Sensitive Plant. I dont know the scientific name for it either but is a plant that if you touch it it closes up. I also have a Sweat Potatoe plant. What has been on the "egg" plant is like small webs ant the leaves all have little yellow spots all over them. Then today I noticed on the potatoe plant some of the same webs and a very small spider looking bug on 1 of the webs. The spider like bug was like a opaque milky white color. I noticed a thread in this forum about spider mites. So mb that is what it is. How do I get ride of them. I seen some ppl had said to raise the humididty level. Is there any otherway I can get ride of them? Is there a pesticide or anything else that I could put on them? Thanks for the help.
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    Spider mites on houseplants

    Try repeated spraying with one of the "organic" pesticides, ie. insecticidal soap like Safer's soap or End-All which is a soap product with pyrethrins. Follow safety instructions given on the product label, because some plants can be harmed by soap spray and it is not good for you to breathe the mist. Discourage repeat infestation by keeping humidity levels up by misting the plants daily and situating the pot on a bed of small stones in a flat saucer of water in order to increase the humidity around the pot.

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