Identification: A plant that needs ID.

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by jffortin, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I recently moved into a new apartment and found a plant pot next to the door with something that looked dead inside. With the moving and everything the pot got pushed to a corner and being busy I wasn't looking at the corner for a while.

    Couple weeks later and without any care (it was a dead plant eh?) it somehow revived... might be because I have some tropical plants (and other warm and humid loving plants) inside and keep the whole place as humid as I can for winter.

    Since it has got back it's life out of my "neglect" I didn't water it much. Moved in November and gave the plant a bit of sun and a real good watering 3 weeks ago and nothing else. And by good watering I mean in a shower and filled the pot 3-4 times and letting the water drain at the end. It is still in the same pot without any nutrients added and no water since then and seems to be doing well. Seems to be less needy than my other plants.

    So I was wondering what is that plant that I somehow saved and now lives with coffee plants, tea plant, banana, tamarind, some citrus, some palms, overwintered pepper plants, and I'm still missing some. :D

    As long as you don't tell me this is a Mayan plant with deadly vines and that my life is in danger (watched a movie called The Ruins recently) I would try to keep it as healthy as I can.


    PS. And I forgot something that might be important... the leaves have a weird texture that on some angles look a bit like if it was made of fabric. A real fake plant perhaps?

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    I think it is Trandescantia r. or also known as an Inch Plant or Wandering Jew plant.
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    Gibasis /syn. Tradescantia geniculata
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    Looks like it could do with more light

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