A bug is raiding my garden!!

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    It all started with my raspberries when I saw this bug last year. Now they are on my roses, peonies and the last straw my eggplant!!!
    Its basically this vertically flat somewhat fluffy bug, it leaves a very fluffy residue on the leaves of the plants but on my raspberry it likes the stems leading to the fruit. on the peonies it likes the seed pods. on my eggplant it likes the leaves. (the eggplant has holes in its leaves, and not on the other plants, but i didnt see any other bug on the eggplant) on the roses the stems.
    on the eggplant there is also a fuzzy thing on the fruit.
    I have sprayed the raspberries with insecticidal soap, some raspberries have white splotches on them and we avoid eating them, which is disappointing since they are finally large and abundant!!!! but they came back!!!
    on the peonies the leaves and pods are all white now and getting discoloured.
    The eggplant i just removed the leaves with the residue or bugs.
    I want to know how to get rid of them forever. I prefer something safe, since we have kids and want to enjoy the fruit of our garden. but I will do anything.
    Sorry I dont know what it is, I read online but cant figure out which inscet.
    Thank you for any help!!!!

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