8 March 2021 Processing Garlic

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    [​IMG] 8 March 2021 Processing Garlic
    Posted on March 8, 2021 by Durgan
    8 March 2021 Processing garlic 8 March 2021 Processing garlic
    Garlic should be ingested raw to obtain maximum benefits. My garden produces about 90 bulbs of superb hard neck. It keeps about 7 months in an open container in the root cellar. Removing the skin is much simplified by this method.
    Separate the cloves from the bulbs. Press the cloves in a hand press. This loosens the skins. I process about 10 bulbs in about half an hour. This is about 600 grams a months supply.
    Put the cloves through a Champion Juicer. Mix the juice and pulp and let stew for about two hours. This is an important step. Place the mixed garlic in freezer trays. Each compartment is three servings. A serving is ingested by melting in a cup of tea for breakfast. Most of annoying heat is removed by this processing. Pictures delineate the process.
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