5 August 2022 Garlic Harvest

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    5 August 2022 Garlic Harvest
    Posted on 08/05/2022 by Durgan
    5 August 2022 Garlic Harvest 5 August 2022 Garlic Harvest

    Garlic Harvested about 100 bulbs or 22 pounds. I trimmed the stalks and roots and put them in the shed to dry. They will keep for about 7 months. I don’t use the bulbil stalks but plant a few of the bulbils to renew the stock. The bulbs are perfect with no insect damage.
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    Nice harvest!

    My garlic is smaller this year because of long drought, despite I watered em more than ever before. I haven't separated heads from stalks and I don't know the overall weight of the harvest yet, but cloves seem to be ca 25% smaller than usually. Even stalks are significantly shorter.
    But there is a positive note, usually garlic, that grew in drier conditions, stores very well.

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