4 March 2010 - what's up and what's happening

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    I think you folks outside the West End have a bit of a reprieve this week. Most of our old friends are still in bloom, and the only single white blossomed cultivar that is completely in bloom now is 'Pandora'. And the tree at 8th and Arbutus, maybe 'Karami-zakura' - the jury is still out. You can read the write-up on it at
    What cherry? Single white, early mid-season, dense thin upright straight branches

    Kitsilano is where I've seen the action. In my February 28 posting, there are photos of 'Beni-shidare', 'Whitcomb', 'Pandora', 'Okame', 'Shirotae' (just starting) and 'Stellata'. 'Accolade' are out around town as well. You can check where to find these cultivars in the Cultivar Locations forum.

    Note the sort-of martini glass shape of the 'Pandora' trees, with petals that are a bit narrowed or straightened on the sides, so a lot of the petals don't overlap. Blossom photo is Kenny Chan's.
    20100228_6thMaple_Pandora_Cutler_7355.jpg 20090411_W6+Arbutus_Pandora_Chan_0170.jpg

    My favourite buds, 'Shirotae', are getting nice and plump now.

    I'm leading a walk on the north side of downtown/West End and edge of Stanley Park for my walking group on Sunday - you can read about it and see the route at
    http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/forums/showthread.php?t=61184. You're welcome to join us. Let me know if you're coming.
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