Identification: 4 inch hair fungi

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    My trailer burnt down febuary 17th 2019 my dog threw up and pooped before he died( he was revived in enough time for the fire fighters to take care of him). But this has sat there because i am 3 months pregnant and have not had the stomache to handle the moving part well, i went there today march 19th 2019 to gather some photos and sentimental things. Anyways i rean into this i did not mess with it but could someone please email me or reply should i be worried i was in the house being 3 months pregnant and what the heck is this looks like dog hair growing on dog barf and poop??? Im not going back in there anymore my husband is from now one. Plesse someone let me know my email is [email address removed]

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    Hi Jessika,

    We have a couple of threads in this forum on the same topic (you can do a search for "hair" or "Phycomyces" if you wish to review them).

    While I/we won't be able to provide an ID to species for you, in general this is a match for a member of genus Phycomyces, or in that Zygomycete family.
    When you see dog poop in parks covered in hair after a few dampish days you will likely recognize this group, pretty common.

    Do keep in mind that there are a number of organisms that grow on carnivore dung or meat/bone related leavings, and some of them I am told can be hazardous for us humans to inhale.

    I would suggest scraping it up (wearing a simple painter mask to prevent accidental inhales if you are too close) and throwing it away, and cleaning the surface with a cleaning product appropriate to the surface.

    With the disclaimer that I am neither a doctor nor a mold specialist, based on general mycological knowledge, as long as you were not nose-up-close inhaling spores directly it seems unlikely to present a problem. The world, the air is full of spores etc. from all sorts of organisms at all times and our immune systems cope with that pretty well: Immune-compromised individuals need to take more precautions.

    I hope that is helpful,

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