31 July 2022 Processing Cucumber

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    31 July 2022 Processing Cucumber
    Posted on 07/31/2022 by Durgan
    Cucumbers 4677 grams (about ten pounds) were processed into 7 liters of pressure canned juice. The process was wash, cut into smaller pieces to cook about 30 minutes, hand blend into a homogenous slurry, strain to remove seeds, fill 7 one liter jars of the juice to presure can at 15 PSI for 15 minutes for long gterm storage. Pictures depict the process. Cucumbers are prolific and make a most refreshing drink.

    https://durgan.org/2022/July%202022/31%20July%202022%20Processing%20cucumbers/HTML/ 31 July 2022 Processing Cucumber

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