25 Year old Tangerine Plant

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by daleydaniel, Jul 27, 2009.

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    I have a tangerine plant that is about 25 years old and planted it from seeds. The plant is not about 8 feet tall and has only had flowers once. The plant is a combination of several plants grown together. I have repotted it every 3 years and it has been in the current pot for the past 2 years. I water it once a week and have peat moss on the top of the soil to keep in the moisture. When I repot the plant I use regular potting soil and it has been at its current window for 2 1/2 years. I have several questions:

    I am now getting several yellow leaves with about 14 dropping a week and I am unsure on what is causing it.

    I have never used any type of fertizlizer. What is a good type to use?

    I am finding that my soil on the bottom of the pot is very wet and the top is very dry. What is a good soil mix to use for this type of plant?

    How much water do these plants like?

    I believe my pruning has reduced the flowering to the one time, should I leave the dead branches on the plant to increase the flowering?

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    Based on what is shown in your photo, I would suggest you have a root problem - possibly a root - bound tree. There are many posts regarding soil compositions for potted citrus - I suggest re potting to the next size pot (well draining) and see what happens.


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