20190917 - Victoria - Fungi talk - Sep 17 2019

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    BOTANY NIGHT - Portraits of Endophytes: The Cryptic Lives of Fungi Within The Leaves Of

    Virtually all healthy leaves are colonized by fungi that are collectively
    called endophytes. These fungi are very diverse and include species with
    complex life histories and a bewildering range of plant hosts. Similar to
    the human microbiome, endophytes may have a profound effect on plant health,
    influencing resistance to a variety of stresses such as drought, soil
    toxicity, and even insect and pathogen attack. This meandering presentation
    by Joey Tanney (Research Scientist, Pacific Forestry Centre) will provide
    insight into the identification and natural history of these ubiquitous yet
    mysterious fungi - and guarantee that your walks in the forest will never be
    the same.

    When Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:30pm - 9pm

    Where Swan Lake - The Nature House, Saanich, BC V8X 2B1, Canada (
    <Google Maps
    C+V8X+2B1,+Canada?hl=en> map)

    Everybody is welcome!

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