20180929 - Victoria - SVIMS workshop: Introduction to Mushroom Identification - Sept 29-30 2018

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    Once again this year, SVIMS is offering an introduction to mushroom
    identification course. SVIMS members only are eligible. This workshop is
    for SVIMS members interested in working hard at learning how to identify
    mushrooms. It is not focused on learning to recognize edibles; if that is
    your primary interest, we encourage you to participate in our other
    educational and enjoyable activities including SVIMS forays and the
    mushroom show. This course is focused on helping members learn and practice
    their mushroom identification skills while giving back to SVIMS by
    assisting with mushroom sorting and identification on forays and at the
    mushroom show.

    We will limit the number of participants to 10; if you applied to
    participate last year and could not be fit in but are able to participate
    this year, let me know and we will keep a spot for you. The application
    period closes on September 9; at that time remaining spots will be
    allocated randomly if more than 10 members apply.
    The workshop will be held in Saanich.

    To apply, email me at smberch@gmail.com by September 9.

    If you have questions, please let me know.

    Shannon Berch

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