20180919 - Victoria/Saanich - Mushroom cultivation workshop - Sept 19 2018

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    Mushroom cultivation workshop just announced:

    Victoria Makerspace Association - Spore to Fruit Mushroom Cultivation Course

    "This is a comprehensive intro to fungal culture. This course will consist of:
    • Lecture on basics of fungal biology.
    • Learning to make your own growth media for all stages of fungal growth.
    • Learn to collect spores, start spores, clone from live mushrooms, make liquid culture, make grain spawn, and pasteurize bulk substrates.
    • Demonstrations of and hands on learning of aseptic technique.
    • Learn how to utilize fancy lab grade equipment like HEPA flowhoods and how to make do without when all you have is a kitchen.
    • Pressure cooker safety and advice.
    • Learn to identify contamination.
    What you get to take home:
    • Handouts: Agar and assorted media cookbook
    • A list of supplies and sources, How pasteurize, DIY Still Air Box plans, DIY alcohol lamp plans, and Radical Mycology’s SLF Primer
    • Two 90mm petri dish cultures
    • One 120mL jar culture
    • One 1L of inoculated grain spawn
    • One cropping container with bulk substrate."

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