20 March 2010 - Now showing: the best of 'Akebono'

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    This is THE weekend to take in some of our city's awesome 'Akebono' locations. The wind and rain have done nothing to diminish the display. The blossoms even seem to be hanging on longer than usual this year, but in some of these spots, the 'Akebono' snow has begun.

    Check these out (Mouse over the photos to see the location). First photo is by Joseph Lin.

    • Downtown: Burrard Skytrain Station
    • West End/Stanley Park: Rose Garden
    20100303_Burrard Station_Akebono_Lin_3513.jpg 20100319_StanleyPk_Akebono_Cutler_DSC05628.jpg

    Full block canopy displays at:

    • Hastings-Sunrise: Graveley at Windermere (photo from last year)
    • Hastings-Sunrise: 6th at Penticton
    • Renfrew-Collingwood: Wellington at Reid
    • Renfrew-Collingwood: Austrey at McHardy
    20090415_GraveleyWindermere_Akebonoi_Cutler_DSC01969.jpg 20100309_6thPenticton_Akebono_Cutler_7632.jpg 20100315_WellingtonManor_Akebono_Cutler_7939.jpg 20100318_AustreyMcHardy_Akebono_Cutler_DSC05535.jpg

    And while you're there, take a circuitous route to see what else you can find. I came across at least one of those locations when I was lost. And then I thought I'd found gold.

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