2 questions prop hollies and sugar maples

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by douglas, Nov 11, 2003.

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    hellow all hope you can help me.

    #1 Ihave a varigated holly on my property in Chilliwack since I've owned it (@6 years )
    the tree has produced solid golden folage on the bottom 1/2 . Is it possible to propogate cuttings from these and will they hold true?

    Also I am working on a landscape restoration project 12km south of town(prince george bc) and have not been able to find a nursery in western C.A. that can supply 12 large calliper sugar maples. Budget I dont beleive is an issue (max 3800 us per tree ) I have found a few sources in eastern C.A. but am concerned about transportation to the site. It is not tha right time to do it now, but I would like to do
    in the spring (@ March)

    If anyone could help on this kudos to you
    tyvm doug
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    I would try Specimen Trees (Phone: 1-800-471-4448) in Pitt Meadows first, perhaps Golden Eagle Tree Farm ( phone 604-460-0955) also in Pitt Meadows. If you want to try an Alberta source, try Alberta Tree Movers (Ph: (403) 256-2089) out of Calgary.

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