14 June 2021 Rabbit Fence

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    14 June 2021 Rabbit Fence
    Posted on June 14, 2021 by Durgan
    https://durgan.org/2021/June%202021/14%20June%202021%20Rabbit%20Fence/HTML/ 14 June 2021 Rabbit Fence
    Young plants often need protection from rabbits. I have experimented over several years. A temporary fence is now used.
    Chicken wire a 100 foot roll two feet wide and four steel five foot fence posts and several fiber rods four feet long are the material. The fence post are placed in the ground at the four corners of the structure. The wire is rolled out and is tied to each post using plastic ties.The area is about 24 feet by 12 feet. A bit more vertical support is made by using the fiber glass rods woven in the chicken wire mesh. I found this structure is adequate until the plants get reasonably large. One rabbit can devastate a small garden in one night.Two feet height is adequate.

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