11 August 2021 Bean and Cucumber Juice

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    11 August 2021 Bean and Cucumber Juice
    Posted on August 11, 2021 by Durgan
    https://durgan.org/2021/August%202021/11%20August%202021%20Bean%20and%20cucumber%20Juice/HTML/index.htm 11 August 2021 Bean and cucumber Juice
    Twenty three pound of bush beans, no support required, and cucumbers both about 11 pounds, were processed into 16 liter jars of slurry/juice, and pressure canned at 15 PSI for 15 minute for storage. Each bean required that the end connected to the bean stem had to be removed. This was a bit tedious. The two mix well and make a convenient drink. Method was standard and pictures depict the process.

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