Pacific Northwest Native Plants Resources

Web sites related to plants in the Pacific Northwest of the US and west coast of Canada.

  1. wcutler
    BC Big Tree Registry
    This is really not particularly concerned with native trees, but I can't figure out where else to put it. The purpose of the registry is to identify, describe, monitor and conserve the largest trees of each species within British Columbia, and to educate and enlist the help of its citizens in this task. You can search or browse by a few different criteria. There are photos where ones have been submitted, and a map.

    Link location BC BigTree Registry
    Submitted by (and wcutler)
    Submitted date 23 May 2018; last confirmed 23 May 2018

    E-Flora BC

    Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia.

    E-Flora BC provides information on the biogeography and identification of the wild plant, lichen, and fungi species of British Columbia

    Link location E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 09 Mar 2011; last confirmed 31 Oct 2015

    Field Guide to the Lowland Northwest
    Field guide for the most common species of plants and animals found in the lowlands of the Pacific Northwest.

    Link location A field Guide to the Lowland Northwest
    Submitted by Georgia Strait
    Submitted date 17 Jul 2016; last confirmed 17 Jul 2016

    Oregon Flora Project
    The mission of the Oregon Flora Project is to serve as a comprehensive resource for the vascular plants of Oregon that grow without cultivation, and to foster effective use of this knowledge by all citizens.

    Includes an Oregon Plant Atlas, a Photo Gallery and a Rare Plant Guide

    Link location Welcome to the Oregon Flora Project
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 09 Mar 2011; last confirmed 31 Oct 2015

    Pacific Northwest Wildflowers
    16235 wildflower photographs by Mark Turner, photographer and co-author of Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest. You can search by some characteristics (colour, flower type), or by family or partial name, or by month and location. There is also a non-hierarchical advanced search by several characteristics.

    Link location Buy The Book | Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 04 Sep 2014; last confirmed 31 Oct 2015

    University of Washington Herbarium Image Collection
    The WTU Image Collection contains the most comprehensive online collection of photographs and information for the plants and lichens of Washington. Developed and maintained by the University of Washington Herbarium (WTU), this site brings together the photographs from numerous photographers and botanists from around the state. Photographs are accompanied by distribution maps, descriptions, synonymy, and additional resources.

    Link location WTU Herbarium Image Collection - Burke Museum
    Submitted by Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 09 Mar 2011; last confirmed 31 Oct 2015

    Washington Native Plant Society
    This site has categorized plants lists with photos for 200 plants native to the Pacific Northwest, with the objective of suggesting native plants suitable for a place in a western Washington garden or restoration project.

    Link location Washington Native Plant Society: Starflower Image Herbarium
    Submitted by Margot
    Submitted date 24 Jun 2016; last confirmed 24 Jun 2016;

    Wildflower Search
    The area covered by the program is the Southern portion of Canada down to the Northern portion of Mexico. Currently, plant coverage is best for the area between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountins. Almost 8000 plants are included. Click on a map to set the location, or enter the co-ordinates. You can set observation season, flower type and color, leaf arrangement, family/genus/species. Or you can enter the plant name, even somewhat misspelled. The number of search results is displayed, followed by thumbnails of the search results. Click the thumbnails for details. You can also browse a hyperlinked list of scientific names or common names.

    Links are provided to free wildflower Apps by state or province, by the same author.

    This project is sponsored by Wildflower Search, an Oregon not-for-profit corporation.

    Link location Wildflower Search
    Submitted by Nadia White Rock
    Submitted date 09 May 2016; last confirmed 09 May 2016