Maples: Nurseries Specializing in Maples in North America

Suppliers of trees, many offering mail order or online purchase

  1. Acerholic
    This Maples resource lists nurseries, submitted by members, that specialize in maples in North America. There is a separate Resource file for Maples: Nurseries Specializing in Maples Outside of North America. Feel free to check out the links, add your comments or submit your own link suggestions by clicking the button on the right and discussing them on the Maples forum. These links to nurseries or other commercial ventures are provided as a service to the public and do not constitute endorsement by UBCBG, even where the submitters have given rave reviews. Caveat emptor!"

    USA and Canada Nurseries

    Amazing Maples
    Nursery in Everett, Washington that strives to provide one of the most distinguished collections of Japanese maples in the Seattle area. Visit is by appointment only.

    Link location Amazing Maples
    Submitted by Harcuvar
    Submitted date 2 Feb 2019; last confirmed 2 Feb, 2019

    Ambleside Gardens

    This nursery in Hillsborough, New Jersey has closed. The link still works - they have posted some good-bye words.

    Link location Welcome - Ambleside Gardens & Nursery
    Submitted by Samara
    Submitted date 28 May 2013; last confirmed 11 May 2022

    Art's Nursery
    In Surrey, BC since 1973. Wholesale and Retail. Recommended for large selection of Japanese maples and good prices.

    Link location Arts Nursery Ltd - Garden Centre | Nursery | Landscape Supply
    Submitted by Gordwst
    Submitte date 14 May, 2017; last confirmed 14 May, 2017

    Buchholz & Buchholz Nursery
    This Gaston, Oregon nursery has a plant library with maple photos, descriptions, and 10 year growth estimates.

    Link location Buchholz & Buchholz Wholesale Nursery
    Submitted by chimera
    Submitted date 20 Jun 2009; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Cedar Rim Nursery
    In Langley, BC, since 1978. Recommended for their large Japanese maple selection and good prices. Wholesale and retail. Has online shopping.

    Link location Plants & Gardening Supplies in Langley | Cedar Rim Nursery
    Submitted by Gordwst
    Submitted date 14 May 2017; last confirmed 14 May 2017

    Cloud Mountain Farm
    A small nursery in Northwest Washington with a wide variety of maples, as well as a good selection of other ornamental and fruit plants. They propagate and grow much of their plant material. Both on-site and mail order sales.

    Link location
    Submitted by silver_creek
    Submitted date 19 Jan 2006; last confirmed 28 May 2023

    Conifer Kingdom
    OK, I know that this is for maple resources but Conifer Kingdom has a great selection of maples and conifers. I would have preferred the name Maple Kingdom but I like conifers in my garden as well. I got to see the plants this year at the MANTS show in Baltimore and they were very nice.

    Link location Japanese Maples - Conifer Kingdom
    Submitted by NJACER
    Submitted date 06 Apr 2012; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Eastfork Nursery
    Small grower in Washington State specializing in rare and unusual Acer palmatum and shirasawanum cultivars, including the Ghost series from Talon Buchholz as well of some of Talon's other unique cultivars - Fairyhair, Sensu and Red Cloud to name a few. Over 80 cultivars available from 1 gallon to 3 gallon sizes. We ship our maples in their containers to minimize transplant shock. Our maple passion allows us to offer quality maples at reasonable prices. We offer a 15% discount to UBC forum members.

    Link location Eastfork Nursery
    Submitted by Maple_Lady
    Submitted date 05 July 2006; last confirmed 11th February 2021.

    Essence of the Tree
    A mail-order nursery located in rural California (Potter Valley). Specializes in Japanese maples.

    Link location Japanese Maples and more at Essence of the tree
    Submitted by delsdwarf
    Submitted date 05 Mar 2009; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Fowler Maples
    A small nursery in upstate South Carolina specializing in Japanese maples. We are now shipping maples in smaller sizes to most of the US. We are collectors first and growers second. Therefore, we place top priority on offering quality correctly labeled trees.

    Link location Quality Japanese Maples
    Submitted by mattlwfowler
    Submitted date 07 Feb 2014; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Gardenworks at 6250 Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby, B.C. was mentioned in a Maples forum thread as having a good selection of maples, at least 70 cultivars. They have a plant database at
    Plant Search Results - GardenWorks Plant Finder - Vancouver Victoria Burnaby Penticton Coquitlam British Columbia BC,
    listing representative maples they carry. There is no indication that they would do mail order or shipping.

    Link location Gardenworks | Garden Centre, Florist Shop & Garden Supplies
    Submitted by chimera
    Submitted date 05 Oct 2017; last confirmed 05 Oct 2017

    Greer Gardens
    Was a nursery in Eugene, Oregon with an online ordering page, though the website says “We are now retiring after 50 years. We are developing our great 14 acres into an exclusive retirement community. The Springs Living at Greer Gardens. Our shipping is being turned over to Bloom River Gardens”. (Springfield, Oregon). That site says Oregon grown specialty plants. Ornamental Trees from Bloom River Gardens.
    Greer Gardens is definitely no longer a nursery; The Springs Living development has been completed. The link here is to the Greer Gardens archived site.

    Link location Rare and Unusual Plants for Mail Order: Acers, Azaleas, Rhododendrons
    Submitted by Andre, updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 2 Jun 2019

    Honey Tree Nursery
    A small Canadian ornamental tree nursery located in PEI. We sell Japanese Maples, seedlings of Japanese maples, magnolias, and numerous hard to find and unique trees and plants, including various banana types. I am a huge Japanese Maple fanatic. I have 3 types on my property and will no doubt be adding to that. I practice germination techniques on all types of tree seed to find what works best for me. I hope our website appeals to some or all. Kevin Cook

    Link location Honey Tree Nursery
    Submitted by castawaykev
    Submitted date 09 Mar 2011; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Iseli Nursery
    "We are dedicated to producing the finest quality dwarf conifers, miniature conifers, Japanese maples and other landscape plants and making them available to consumers through quality garden center retailers and professional landscapers throughout the United States and Canada".

    Link location Iseli Nursery - Wholesale Only
    Submitted by Andre, updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 28 May 2023

    Japanese Maples - Eastwoods Nursery
    Eastwoods Nurseries in Washington, Virginia with an extensive collection of maples for sale; USA shipping only; has an online ordering system. Also offers a searchable database with over 1750 photographs of over 470 Acer palmatums on CD (for sale).

    Link location Japanese Maples | Home
    Submitted by Andre, updated by wcutler
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Kigi Nursery
    Nursery in Kelso, Washington, has many affordable JM's, conifers and bamboo that are rare and new.

    Link location Dwarf Conifers Japanese Maples Bonsai Starts - for sale at Kigi Nursery
    Submitted by Kigi
    Submitted date 10 Dec 2009; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Maple Ridge Nursery
    One of the largest selections of Japanese Maples in the Southeastern United States (Decatur, Georgia) along with a large selection of Conifers. Also a web site with a huge number of photos and descriptions of hundreds of cultivars of Japanese Maples and Conifers. 25 years experience growing Japanese maples in the hot environment of Atlanta, GA, and this is reflected in the descriptions on the web site.

    Link location Japanese maples and conifers grown near Atlanta Georgia
    Submitted by Mapleman
    Submitted date 25 Mar 2013; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Mendocino Maples Nursery
    An Acer Specialty Nursery with Over 45 Species and 200 Culitivars from Around the World.

    Link location Mendocino Maples Nursery: Japanese Maple and Acer Specialists
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Momiji Nursery
    Maples nursery in Santa Rosa, California, specializing exclusively in Japanese maples since 1979.

    Link location Home
    Submitted by Andre
    Submitted date 06 Oct 2005; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015
    Family-owned nursery in East Flat Rock, North Carolina, supplying Japanese maples to the Carolinas and beyond, with over 1000+ cultivars in propagation. Does mail order. Owner is president of the North American branch of the Maple Society.

    Link location Buy Japanese Maples
    Submitted by alex66
    Submitted date 06 Jun 2017; last confirmed 25 Dec 2023

    Pacific Coast Maples
    I would recommend taking a look at this website for quality Japanese maple trees. Nursery is in Temecula Valley, California.

    Link location Pacific Coast Maples - Japanese Maple Specialists
    Submitted by maplecollector
    Submitted date 23 Mar 2007; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Pacific Northwest Propagators Inc.
    Nursery in Rosedale, near Chilliwack, BC., recommended as a good small and well run nursery and they work hard to keep it that way. A nice display garden , too.

    Link location Pacific NorthWest Propagators Inc.
    Submitted by chimera
    Submitted date 13 Mar 2017; last confirmed 13 Mar 2017

    Select Maples
    A small Japanese Maples nursery in Richmond, BC. Over 40 cultivars with more grafted each year. Niche area is small trees and shrubs for patios, decks and balconies. In 2012, began to offer 1 and 2 gallon varieties via mail order to anywhere in Canada.

    Link location Japanese Maples Nursery Landscaper
    Submitted by Paul Edwards
    Submitted date 11 May 2011; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015

    Sunnyside Nursery
    Nursery in Marysville, WA that lists Japanese Maples among its offerings. They have an inventory of maples available and will attempt to locate trees on request. A staff Certified Professional Horticulturist is always available. Their web site is updated regularly and they have a monthly newsletter on seasonal gardening topics. They service the local community and do not ship.

    Link location: Japanese Maples — Sunnyside Nursery
    Submitted by Geezer840
    Submitted date 24 Nov 2018; last confirmed 24 Nov 2018

    Topiary Gardens
    Small nursery and Japanese Maples Nursery in Central New York, 18 miles southwest of Syracuse, with an interest in growing new and hard to find conifers, perennials, shrubs, and trees. They have a special interest in Japanese maples with over 500 varieties available and are adding to the collection every year. Their maples are grown from grafts that are produced at our nursery. They do mail order but do not ship outside the US.

    Link location Japanese Maples Nursery Northeast Conifers Perennials Shrubs Trees
    Submitted by Castor
    Submitted date 21 Jan 2019; last confirmed 2 Feb 2019

    Wildwood Nursery
    A family-run nursery in Sonoma County, California. Very visually-appealing web site.

    Link location Wildwood Nursery – Sonoma County, CA – Japanese Maples/Dogwoods/Ginkgo
    Submitted by Eric La Fountaine
    Submitted date 14 Feb 2009; last confirmed 5 Nov 2015
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