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    Some of mine this morning, a few new purchases in there and a couple of comparisons at the end. Uncle Ghost [ATTACH] Beni Shigitatusawa...

    IMG_20220516_085748.jpg IMG_20220516_085758.jpg IMG_20220516_085900.jpg IMG_20220516_085957.jpg IMG_20220516_090041.jpg IMG_20220516_090148.jpg IMG_20220516_090313.jpg IMG_20220516_090419.jpg IMG_20220516_090509.jpg IMG_20220516_090606.jpg IMG_20220516_090716.jpg IMG_20220516_090751.jpg IMG_20220516_090834.jpg IMG_20220516_090934.jpg IMG_20220516_091004.jpg May 16, 2022 at 2:50 AM
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    More from our 3 hour tour! (Yes, I went all Gilligan there). I'm glad to hear some in the UK have had a bit of rain. It continues to...

    20220507_135926_v1.jpg 20220507_140111_v1.jpg 20220508_120354_v1.jpg 20220508_120908_v1.jpg 20220508_121013_v1.jpg 20220508_121127_v1.jpg 20220508_121308_v1.jpg 20220508_121359_v1.jpg 20220508_121653_v1.jpg 20220508_135202_v1.jpg 20220508_135240_v1.jpg 20220508_140854_v1.jpg 20220508_141110_v1.jpg 20220508_141225_v1.jpg 20220508_174101_v1.jpg 20220508_174312_v1.jpg 20220508_174349_v1.jpg 20220508_182638_v1.jpg 20220508_182653_v1.jpg 20220508_183411_v1.jpg May 14, 2022 at 8:16 AM
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    A bit later today, as it was our first breakfast sat in the garden amongst our trees. Such a beautiful morning here in our little part...

    Summer Gold May 14th 2022 (2).JPG Tsuma beni May 14th 2022.JPG Summer Gold May 14th 2022.JPG Goshiki shidare May 14th 2022 (2).JPG Coral magic May 14th 2022.JPG Fujinami nishiki May 14th 2022.JPG Crimson Queen May 14th 2022.JPG Emma May 14th 2022.JPG Goshiki shidare May 14th 2022.JPG May 14, 2022 at 8:15 AM