Washington: Yellow flowers at Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend

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    Posting for appreciation. These are all identified, or mis-identified, growing along the road to the lighthouse in Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. They are all wild plants, but they are not all native.

    This first one is native: Ambrosia chamissonis, in the Asteraceae family.
    Ambrosia-chamissonis_PtTownsend-FtWordenBeach_Cutler_20170709_114453.jpg Ambrosia-chamissonis_PtTownsend-FtWordenBeach_Cutler_20170709_114425.jpg Ambrosia-chamissonis_PtTownsend-FtWordenBeach_Cutler_20170709_114433.jpg

    In the same setting, and along the road, is a lot of Abronia latifolia, yellow sand verbena, in the Nyctaginaceae (Four o'clock family). The dark cone-shaped plants in the first photo should be Carex macrocephala, large-headed sedge (big-headed sedge) in Cyperaceae. The area where these are growing was roped off, so I could not get any closer to the Carex. These are both native.
    Abronia-latifolia_PtTownsend-FtWordenBeach_Cutler_20170709_114101.jpg Abronia-latifolia_PtTownsend-FtWordenBeach_Cutler_20170709_114020.jpg

    Lupinus arboreus, yellow bush lupine, is listed as Exotic on the E-Flora BC site, introduced from California.
    Lupinus-arboreus_PortTownsend-FortWorden_Cutler_20170709_114622.jpg Lupinus-arboreus_PortTownsend-FortWorden_Cutler_20170709_114654.jpg

    I think this is Sedum acre, introduced from Eurasia.
    Sedum-acre_PortTownsend-FortWorden_Cutler_20170709_115001.jpg Sedum-acre_PortTownsend-FortWorden_Cutler_20170709_115004.jpg Sedum-acre_PortTownsend-FortWorden_Cutler_20170709_115008.jpg

    I posted one more yellow flower from this location for ID, at
    Identification: - Yellow Asteraceae, purple stems
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