British Columbia: Vancouver Rhododendron Society guest speaker

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    The Society has a well known rhododendron expert as its next guest speaker. All are welcome!

    November 19th 2015

    Sean Rafferty
    - Rhododendrons of Sikkim, recounting a trip taken in May – June 2015 with elite Rhododendron obsessives from the US and Canada, led by Steve Hootman.

    Sean is a retired gardener who has recently moved to southern Vancouver Island in order to help feed their ravenous deer population. He is a self-taught expert is the species Rhododendron and has been an active board member for many District 1 chapters as well as the Rhododendron Species Foundation. He is a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and a huge asset to the plant community.

    LOCATION: The Floral Hall, VanDusen Gardens. Doors open 7 pm, meeting starts at 7.30 pm

    Vancouver Rhododendron Society

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