Suggestions for my healthy grapefruit tree

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by CKW, Apr 29, 2006.

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    My grandmother's grapefruit tree was given to me two years ago after she passed away. I have no idea what variety of tree it is or where/when she aquired it. It is a rather small tree, maybe 12" tall from the soil line, but very full. I live in Michigan so I put it outside in the spring and bring it indoors for the winter. It had not really bloomed or produced fruit until this past winter. All of a sudden it went gangbusters and is currently loaded with fruit. I currently have seven fully ripe grapefruits about the size of a golf ball and two more that are changing from green to yellow. My question is do I pick the ripen fruit or just leave it be? They don't seem to be getting any larger. There are at least ten green fruits about the size of a walnut and many baby ones too. Will picking the ripe fruits help the green ones to mature faster or get larger? Also, this tree will need to be transplanted to a larger pot this summer. Will this hurt the growing fruits at all?

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